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The Chef Stéphanie Rizzo, graduated from the celebrated Paul Bocuse Institute in France (Lyon), has an extensive experience in cuisine and cooking lessons that she had been giving for 7 years in France.

Her skills range from traditional french Cuisine to more international ones like italian, asian, north african as well as Pastries.

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And if you like to, Stéphanie will be glad to share her passion with you, at home, during a cooking lesson in Abu Dhabi.

Jan 12, 2015

Delicious and beautiful: let's try my Fingerfood recipe 1!

Crab and raw vegetable wrap

Ingredients for 24 mini wraps
8 tortillas,16 surimi sticks, 1 avocado, ½  lemon, 16 baby corns, salad, salt, piment d'espelette, fresh coriander.

Mix the avocado with the lemon juice, salt and pepper. 
Spread the guacamole on the tortilla, and add the rest of the ingredients and roll the tortilla. 
Cut it into slices.

Jan 7, 2015


Fingerfoods and me: it's a loooong story!
Actually,  I started my first food business in France with that concept.
My first company's name was: "Finger Food and Tea Time" , I'm sure you have heard about it!  No? of course not! I'm joking!
After two years of training in a famous french culinary school Institut Paul Bocuse, I decided to escape from the traditional cuisine and have a bit of fun with what was the new trend at that time: "Finger Food".
But what does "Finger Food" mean? Elementary: It's all you can eat with fingers! But not only.
It has to be delicious and aesthetic too.
So this month, I decided to reveal to you some of my best Finger Food recipes, that I have been making each time I have guests at home or for a party.  These are simple recipes you can easily manage at home.
I hope you will enjoy and that you can't wait to get the first recipe! Coming very soon!